Mars Back to School ( Ibra, Sinaw and Mudhaibi )

Mars Back to School ( Ibra, Sinaw & Mudhaibi ) Feb 06th to 09th 2019

About Mars Hypermarket

MARS is a family oriented company with ethical values, hard working and responsible culture. Our senior management team has an average of 25 years of domestic and international retail experience and a strong history of business and academic accomplishments. Most of them started their careers on the shop floor so these values carry through from the checkout to the boardroom.

MARS is an Omani retailer company funded on our founder and Managing Director V T Vinodan’s key principle: everyone needs a place where good things are cheap. We work hard to live up to this vision by offering the best possible convenience, value, range and quality to our customers we serve every time.

We put the customer at the heart of our business. While striving to give our customers an enjoyable and memorable shopping experience, we seek greater value and more choices for them. Our goal is to provide our customers with unwavering quality of the highest standards, complemented by excellent and personalized service in a warm and inviting environment.

It started with one man who had a dream. From the moment MARS was born in year 1991, ingenuity has been a driving force behind our success. With the opening of second store in year 1995 MARS becomes a chain. Over time and through expansions, today MARS operates 16 stores across Oman, 3 in Dubai and 3 distribution centers and serves over 250,000 customers per week between two countries, and still exploring our history.

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التعليقات المنشورة هناتنصل: / تحت / في الفضاء المعطى ليست نيابة عن مسكتير. سيكون الشخص الذي ينشر التعليق في ملكية واحدة فقط لمسؤوليته. وفقا لقواعد تكنولوجيا المعلومات للحكومة المركزية ، فإن البيان البشع أو الهجومى ضد شخص أو دين أو مجتمع أو أمة يعد جريمة يعاقب عليها القانون ، وسيتم اتخاذ إجراء قانوني ضد الأشخاص الذين ينغمسون في مثل هذه الأنشطة

Mars Back to School ( Ibra, Sinaw and Mudhaibi )

تاريخ: 09/02/2019 - 09/02/2019

موقعك: Mars Hypermarket


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