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This is one of those Bucket list adventures in Oman. See the famous turquoise pools, swim through hot springs and waterfalls. After a few 10m abseils , one of which is a thundering waterfall into a cave, we cross the canyon through multiple long fresh water pools, some of which are over 300m long. This is the most isolated of our canyoning trips, around 10-12 hours to cross. This trip does not require previous experience but a good level of fitness and a strong swimming ability is essential! Numbers are restricted to 10 people. What is included: - Internationally certified instructors. - Top of the range technical and safety gear. - Water and soft drinks. - Snacks. Optional add-ons: - Transport* * A 4x4 is required to reach the location. Give us a call on 906 898 23 or email at hello@twenty3extreme.com if you need further info. ___________________________________________________________________ PRICE PER PERSON 1-6 people group OMR 180/216 (self drive/all-inclusive) PRICE PER PERSON 7-8 people group OMR 144/180 (self drive/all-inclusive) PRICE PER PERSON 9-10 people group OMR 126/162 (self drive/all-inclusive) Get in touch: hello@twenty3extreme.com +968 906 898 23 ___________________________________________________________________ LOGISTICS Before the trip: - you will need a 4x4 and a transfer driver for the trip. - transfer driver will be camping with us and will transfer the car from start to finish. Ask a friend or talk to ask and we will help you hire a driver (usually costs OMR 30-35) During the trip: - Usually our guests prefer to take their own camping equipment and BBQ and join our camp for the night. If you don't have your own kit, get in touch with us and we will help. - For lunch the next day take vacuum sealed foods that you can carry with you through the canyon, like energy bars, nuts, etc.


التعليقات المنشورة هناتنصل: / تحت / في الفضاء المعطى ليست نيابة عن مسكتير. سيكون الشخص الذي ينشر التعليق في ملكية واحدة فقط لمسؤوليته. وفقا لقواعد تكنولوجيا المعلومات للحكومة المركزية ، فإن البيان البشع أو الهجومى ضد شخص أو دين أو مجتمع أو أمة يعد جريمة يعاقب عليها القانون ، وسيتم اتخاذ إجراء قانوني ضد الأشخاص الذين ينغمسون في مثل هذه الأنشطة

Tiwi 2.0

تاريخ: 12/04/2019 - 12/04/2019

موقعك: twenty3 extreme, Muscat, Oman



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