verified_user Muscateer Prime Squad

What is Verified Reviewers aka Prime Squad?

Any account with a blue verified badge on their Muscateer profile is a Muscateer verified reviewer aka Prime Squad member – it's to let other muscateers know that you're a trustworthy source. The Muscateer Prime Squad is our way of recognizing people who are active in the social or Muscateer community. Prime worthiness is based on number of things including well written reviews, high quality tips, detailed personal profile, active voting, and history of playing well with other community members.

Prime Squads are under review

Why does Muscateer Verify accounts to prime?

We Verify accounts to establish the authenticity of key and active reviewers on Muscateer. While we keep tweaking our prerequisites for Verification, it is broadly used to acknowledge the effort put in by the reviewers who write informative, unbiased, and useful reviews that help the Muscateer community. We want to shout out to everyone else that we've personally met the muscateers we Verify, and that their content can be trusted and will be beneficial to you (not taking into account subjective opinions, of course

We look for accounts that provide helpful, qualitative, credible information to users on Muscateer. Great content, diversity of Neighborhood Expertise, and overall activity on Muscateer are just some of the many factors considered, but we often revise our criteria based on the user activity we see on Muscateer.

Why hasn't my account been Verified to prime? Can I ask Muscateer to Verify my profile?

If you think you meet the criteria for Verification and have not yet received a badge, please be patient. We are working on an ongoing basis to Verify accounts that are helpful to the muscateer community. Please keep writing great and unbiased restaurant reviews so that we can spot you more easily. We do not accept requests for profile Verification.

Do Verified accounts get access to extra features?

Users are Verified for their passion and expressing that through their reviews and pictures on Muscateer. There are special privileges and features offered to Prime accounts (besides the appreciation of muscateers, and free hugs

Can one lose their Prime status?

Yes. Foodies can lose their Prime status if they’re found to be in violation of our Muscateer Code of Conduct or Terms of Service. We expect folks with Verified profiles to set great examples for the Muscateer community.