Top 5 Places to Visit in Oman – by the Ordinary Adventurers

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Our first blog and we don’t really know where to start, because there is so much we can say about Oman! We absolutely love this country and we are so happy that Muscateer have asked us to contribute to share our favourite places and tips so you can experience the amazing things we have. We’ve broken this blog into our top 5 favourite places so far.

Al Ashkarah

alashkarah oman

To start with is Al Ashkarah, first discovered this place as we are keen surfers and we heard there can be good waves down there. Unfortunately, it is not consistently good surf but the spot is so remote and beautiful that we would really recommend this getaway from the city life of Muscat and to get back to basics. Top tip – our favourite hotel there is called the Arabian Sea Motel which is right on the beach and serves the most delicious food – including lobster for just 6 OR!

alashkarah oman alashkarah oman

Jabal Akhdar

Jabal Akhdar Oman
Jabal Akhdar Oman, Chloe (Instagram: Ordinary.adventures)

Jabal Akhdar, we’ve experienced this wonderful mountain in several ways. The luxuries of the Anantara hotel to the basics of a camping trip (in the rain!), both as special as each other and a nice way to escape the heat. We cannot falter the gorgeous Anantara Hotel, its breathtaking views and exceptional service make it a must visit, but look out for deals (much cheaper for GCC residents too!). But we equally enjoy the other extreme of wild camping, there are plenty of places to pitch your tent up there but just watch out for the wild donkeys as they can get quite inquisitive in the night. Top tip – Head to both the Anatara and Alila websites for a range of walking routes up Jabal Akhdar, there is a big range of short to long walks all with varied climbs and mostly well marked, so enjoy!

Jabal Akhdar Oman

Qantab Beach

Qantab beach

Qantab beach is our favourite beach in Oman to date. This quaint seaside town is full of character and is the perfect spot for fishing, snorkeling, exploring and just a nice place to chill on the beach. Top tip – the boat trips from here are just a fraction of the price compared with the more popular marinas! Just tell the captain where you’d like to go and what you’d like to do and they will give you a price there and then.

Bandar al Kahran

Bandar al Kahran
Bandar al Kahran, Oman

Bandar al Kahran is an absolute gem of Oman and not to be missed. We pitched up here on a little overnight adventure, packed everything we needed for the night and loaded it onto our kayak. We drove up to the Bandar al Kahran viewpoint which is absolutely stunning so we would highly recommend a trip up there too, we parked nearby and walked down the mountain path to the beach. From there we set off on our camping adventure and found a secluded beach to spend the night. However, during tourist season it is difficult to find a spot with nobody else about but as we know, here in Oman everybody is friendly so don’t worry about sharing a beach as long as it is big enough for everyone to enjoy! Top Tip – We used Kayaky_Oman to hire our Kayak, this has only recently been set up and we highly recommend them. A range of kayaks are available, communication was easy via whatsapp, great prices and a very friendly service.

Oman Travel

Mountains of Riyam

mountains of Riyam
Mountains of Riyam, Oman

Last but not least, the beautiful mountains of Riyam, overlooking Mutrah. We walked up here for the sunset and it was breath-taking. The climb may seem daunting but it’s only short and there is a great marked path all the way round, less than 4km and takes around 2hrs, you can easily find the route online by searching Riyam Hike. Top Tip – Don’t climb the unmarked path! It may look like a great photo opportunity, but the rocks are really crumbly and it’s very easy to lose your footing (Not talking from experience ha ha).

mountains of Riyam

Thanks for reading our first blog, subscribe to this blog if you want any more ideas on things to see and do around this beautiful country, there are plenty of not so ordinary adventures to be had!


Chloe & James (Ordinary Adventurers)




Chloe & James
We are a British couple who love to travel and are currently enjoying our time exploring the beautiful sights of Oman.

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Top 5 Places to Visit in Oman – by the Ordinary Adventurers

Our first blog and we don’t really know where to start, because there is so much we can say about Oman! We absolutely love...