Pre-school English Teacher

Manazil AlHuroof
Seeb, Oman

Career Level :  Intern/Entry Level Work Experience :  2-5 Years Employment Type :  Full Time Monthly Salary :  200-399 Education Level :  Any

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Role and Responsibilities
Employee is expected to have an excellent communication skills and English literate both in writing and reading. To be eligible for above position you are required to:
Be able to professionally communicate and interact with KIDs (4 to 6 years old)
Have strong basis for English language and be able to provide required subject in proper manner with innovative and simple ways.
Enable technology and creativity in learning and practice.
Be open to work in collaborative environment.
To meet the objective of above discretion, employee is expected to adhere to the work ethics and responsibilities.
Workdays are 5/2 from Sunday to Thursday
Employee is expected to report to his supervisor for any concerns
Accept the local ethics and don't deviate to that is disrespectful for parents' values.
Be respectful and compassion with colleagues and students.
Qualifications and Education Requirements
English Literacy Qualification
Preferred Skills
Able to use technology and Microsoft Office

Please send an email to [email protected]

Pre-school English Teacher


[email protected]

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