Executive Or Operation Manager


And work in different organisations in this period.

Well familiar with Arabic n english

I am well experience and ability to run any organisation or dept..

Good motivator for workers.
I am a good organised person. I believe to follow rules and obey orders also know how to order and apply rules which is the main part of any organisation.

If we are not able to follow rules we are useless for any organisation this is my vision.

My frame work is well organised i believe in punctuality even i can't bear or listen lame excuses...
If you are hired by a company then you are always present for your work .

I had made many company rules which are still implementing on these rules. And they are running like a machine. There is no chance to take step back.

I wish to join a new growing company or organisation. That consist on my hobby to run a company management .

I believe 1 lion can lead 100 dog and every dog will fight as lion.

I recently come back to Pakistan from Oman i was working with Hyundai engineering

But im available to join immediately.

W h a t s a p p. +258 . 84 . 569. 0197

Executive Or Operation Manager


Career Level :  Executive/Director
Work Experience :  5-10 Years
Employment Type :  Full Time
Monthly Salary :  Unspecified
Education Level :  Masters Degree

Muscat, Oman

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