Language :  Hindi
Sub title :  ARABIC
Genre :  Comedy
Release date :  05/03/2020
Actors :  Deepak Dobriyal, Sarika Singh, Sanjay Mishra

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Kaamyaab is the journey of Sudheer, once a ‘character actor’ of the Hindi films of 80s/90s where he always played the typical smuggler, dacoit, henchman, doctor, lawyer or an inspector. Now retired and aloof, one fine day, he comes across a rare fact that he ended his career after doing 499 films. He realises that if he finishes the magic number of 500, then it would be some kind of a rare record and his life would be considered a huge success. The film takes us through the bittersweet journey of Sudheer as he decides to make a comeback and find a spectacular 500th film that will end his career in a flourish.