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Language :  Malayalam
Genre :  Thriller
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A real life account of the deadly Nipah virus outbreak in Kerala, and the courageous fight put on by several individuals which helped to contain the epidemic.

Virus Malayalam Movie in Muscat, Oman

Virus is based on a real events during the year 2018 NIPHA Virus outbreak in Kerala. The Plot is set in Kozhikode and follows the various stages of the epidemic from identification to its total annihilation. It portrays heroic moments that helped in effectively controlling the virus from spreading further. The Film explores the collective paranoia created by the virus outbreak and how it disrupted the life of individuals, both victims and health care professionals. The sage of a group of brave people who stood up in the face of adversity, risking their own lives, fighting with their will.


Directed by Aashiq Abu and Written by Muhsin Parari ,The film Virus could be the best possible on screen depiction of the Nipah Virus outbreak in kozhikode in july'18 .
The film from beginning to end is told in an non linear type narration ,what made me notice the most was the casting of this film,the casting was so good that I must say that this film had one hell of a casting team.
Another thing which I must praise is the background score of the film ,Sushin Syam has done a brilliant job for it.
The next about the cinematography Rajeev Ravi has a done a brilliant job in capturing the shots perfectly one by one. The first half is a gripping one which tells us the cruel truths and horrors behind the Nipah virus and how was the reception about in among the health community.
The screenplay writers has done a brilliant job of netting a wonderful screenplay for the film.
Also about the editing and VFX both has given the audience a gripping and thriller effect for the film,even though the film goes in a mood of a medical thriller it does have the equitable qualities of a broader genre of thriller movies .Considering other medical thrillers which has screened in Malayalam cinema such as 'TRAFFIC', the film does have its own content to stand ahead of films released in this genre.
Of course the captain of the ship Aashiq Abu has done a brilliant job in making the film as it is .
Virus technically was a huge success considering the amateur nature of recent malayalam film with good scripts.
Special mention and shout out for Sreenath Basi, Tovino ,Parvathy ,Kunchacko Boban And in my opinion Revathy gave her career's best performance in this film.
About the story ,Virus is a 2 Hr 32 Min long medical thriller which tells about the 2018 Nipah outbreak.

Each and Every cast has performed wonderfully and it is a gripping family/medical Thriller,my personal opinion do watch in the theater as the on screen reception of this film is too good to be missed.

Personal rating is 4.5
Cheers to more such good movies!