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Deep Healing Through Mindfulness with Ishan Shivanand


Deep Healing Through Mindfulness with Ishan Shivanand

Date: 30/08/2019 - 30/08/2019  |   36

Location: Muscat, Oman

*WHAT* is ONE-DAY Deep Healing through Mindfulness #withIshanShivanand? A very powerful online interactive holistic healing program comprising a broad spectrum of physical exercises, energy training, intense breath work, kriyas combined with a set of non-invasive, penetrative healing meditations to raise the consciousness, detoxify the emotional realms and deflating the mental stress balloon. Globally honored Young Visionary Ishan Shivanand will connect with seekers online in a two way interactive set up for motivational discourses, meditations and mindful living tips. *WHY* should I attend Deep Healing through Mindfulness #withIshanShivanand? * Investment in health and well being is known to reap rich dividends. This program integrates an incisive burst of bodily, emotional and mental detox and strengthening empowerments to expand an individual at multiple levels of existence in a short span. * The program is also a great way and occasion to learn to move your body like a yogi. Your body is yearning to attain its natural healthy form * Let the mind go on a stress free inner space odyssey and return relaxed, rejuvenated and revitalized * Allow your consciousness to launch itself in the orbit of dimensions of positive energy, peace, creation and restoration * Enhance your life force energy * Breathe new life into your persona * Take back home a whole bag of happiness, humorous learning & joy of collective sadhna Will *ONE DAY* be sufficient to experience healing? To the eager seeker, the more the merrier. But wisdom says that intensity works best when tempered with moderation. Truth be told, the 'circuit training' nature of the curriculum of the Deep Healing through Mindfulness #withIshanShivanand program will be more than sufficient to test the endurance of the fittest of seekers. With an array of physical exercises, energy breathing and sadhans set to materialise in every session, the duration will never seem a limiting factor. So a day of such meditative rigour will be more than sufficient to set your life in motion with the rhythm of peace, success and happiness dedicated to the most important person in the world - YOU. Any *DRESS CODE*? Being a program high on physical movement, aerobic mindfulness processes and exercises to shock the spine, it is advised to wear comfortable, sports wear so it becomes easier to stretch and sweat. Will it be open to *FIRST TIMERS*? Yes, this program is crafted to include step by step enhancing of energy and mindfulness levels. A nuanced and stage-wise mechanism makes this most suitable for learners, seekers and practitioners of all levels - beginners to advanced. *IMPORTANT NOTE*: _Patients with underlying cardiac issues, patients advised against over exertion or excess mobility, pregnant or lactating mothers or those averse to any aerobic or respiratory stress must consult a doctor prior to joining this program, which will be high on physical & respiratory intensity.