Coronavirus: Jordan eases indefinite curfew and allows shops to open

Jordan has eased an indefinite, round-the-clock curfew imposed to try to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

Ministers had said people would not be permitted to leave their homes at all and that municipalities would deliver supplies of bread and water.

But Prime Minister Omar Razzaz has said that they will now be allowed out on foot to go to small local grocery shops, bakeries and pharmacies.

The country has so far reported 153 cases of Covid-19 but no deaths.

The government imposed the curfew on Saturday, initially for three days, saying too many people had been flouting calls to stay at home.

When the restrictions became open-ended on Monday King Abdullah II expressed confidence in Jordanians' ability to rise to the challenge of fighting the pandemic.

"My brothers and sisters, my family, my people, and my source of fortitude each and every one of you is a soldier of this nation, each in your own post," he said.

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Before the curfew began the government warned people that violations would be punishable by up to one year in prison.

Ministers said bread and water would be distributed to households by municipal vehicles, buses and delivery companies each day. Gradually, other basic commodities would be available, they added.

Coronavirus: Jordan eases indefinite curfew and allows shops to open



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