Bin Ateeq

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Bin Ateeq is a fine compromise between authentic cuisine, Omani hospitality and accessible dishes for visitors from all over the world. The most notable authentic feature is the floor-level seating, with exquisitely colored and patterned Majliscushions, from which guests can try mutton magbous, halva and harees (cracked wheat with meat).Catering to homesick traders from the interior, this restaurant is one of the few to serve genuine Omani food the traditional way with seating on old carpets in private rooms with a television. Try harees, a glutinous Omani dish that's often mixed with chicken. Cash only.


If you wish to try traditional Omani food in traditional Omani restaurant, Bin Ateeq is the place to be. Do not expect super service and posh place. It is rather simple restaurant, where you will be sitting on a floor without a table how it was many years ago. The food is similar to Indian. We ordered Shuwa lamb cooked under ground and fish soup. The lamb was good but a bit fatty and fish soup was so so. I think the fish was frozen first, therefore it was not fresh. There are a few separate rooms, so nobody would disturb your dining.
Loved the ambiance, it so reflects the local culture. Carpeted and floor level majlis, eating from one big plate, sitting on the carpet was exciting experience. Food here is excellent, loved every morsel of it.

Bin Ateeq


Muscat, Oman

Cuisine : Middle Eastern,Omani

Must Try : local specialty of shuwa

Private Dining, Waitstaff, Reservations, Table Service

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