Cenvaree Spa


SPA Cenvaree is a division of Centara Hotels and Resorts – a publicly listed company headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand. We provide branded and customised spa concepts and solutions throughout South East Asia and the Middle East. Our spa portfolio comprises urban, resort, destination and boutique outlets, all designed to provide guests with an experience that lingers longs after their holiday ends.

‘Varee’ and the soft power of touch

Our name ‘Cenvaree’ is a portmanteau of two words that pay homage to ‘Centara’. ‘Cen’ is taken from the first few letters and ‘varee’ is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘water’. (The ‘tara’ in Centara also translates to water in the Thai language). Softness and nurturing are not normally associated with power. And yet, look at the amazing impact a gentle drip of water can have – it can move rocks, shift mountains and create its own path. This innate strength, acquired through gentleness, embodies the healing touch of SPA Cenvaree-trained therapists and allows our guests to emerge transformed.


It is a part of hotel in connection to Central World. The venue is a bit old fashioned, yet the individual room is a kind of luxury in top spa standard in regard with its price level of promotional package online. Only no one cleans up the used towels in the washrooms.

Cenvaree Spa

Ghala, Muscat, Oman


[email protected]

Address :
Near Vasanta Bhavan, Ghala

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