Al Ruwaidah in Wilayat Al Hamra


Al Ruwaidah in Wilayat Al Hamra

Al Jabal Al Sharqi in the Wilayat of Al Hamra is rich in many beautiful tourist areas and places, including Al Ruwaidah area, which has become a tourist destination for lovers of nature, camping and exploration in the mountain peaks due to the mild weather and various services, such as roads, communications, electricity and water.

The areas and villages of Al Jabal Al Sharqi of in the Wilayat of Al Hamra are known as an extension of the villages of Jabal Al Akhdhar. They thus meet and are similar in terms of water sources and ways of access, especially those villages that administratively belong to the Wilayat of Nizwa, including the villages of Al Zikt and Qiot, which are connected to some of the villages of Al Jabal Al Sharqi, like Dar Al Qul and Tawi Al Aqabah. There are a lot of goats and sheep in those villages due to the overlapping of pastures along Al Jabal Al Akhdhar plateau and the presence of water sources adjacent to these villages at the same level of elevation.

Al Ruwaidah, which is about 10 kilometers from the centre of the Wilayat of Al Hamra, is a somewhat isolated area and can be reached on foot from several sides, located in the east of the village of "Houta" and about two hours walk from the village of "Dar Al Qul" and thus it is in the middle of these villages, but it has a very beautiful nature, especially after it rains.

A lot of tourists visit the village of ''Al Ruwaidah'' from inside and outside the wilaya, in addition to a number of sports teams as hiking is organized constantly to enjoy the wonderful sceneries of greenery, water and high hills that attract visitors to spend the most beautiful times.

Malik bin Hilal al-Abri, a member of the sports team in the Wilayat of Al Hamra, said that this area, which is called Al Ruwaidah, a diminutive of Al Ruwda, which means in a broad sense the area that contains trees, permanent greenery and fresh water, took this name because people go to it during harvest time and various seasonal trees.

Al Ruwaidah area is not a big place, but that it is characterized by its greenery. The area is visited by many migrated birds. The area is frequented in winter with the increase of rain. There is a growing awareness among youth to maintain the area, and the sports team in the wilaya make special camps to clean the area from time to time.

One can reach Al Ruwaidah area from different places. The nearest is Al Houta Village road, it is about 3 km away. The second road can be taken from the Misfat Al Abrieen and Wadi Madam. It takes an hour to three hours to reach, depending on the person's walking ability.

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Al Ruwaidah in Wilayat Al Hamra


Al Hamra, Oman

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