Al Sawadi and its islands


Al Sawadi and its beautiful islands

The Al Sawadi village, located in the Wilayat Barka in the Governorate of South Al Batinah, is a beautiful coastal village in the Sultanate famous for its tourist landmarks that attract visitors from all over.

There are seven islands in Al Sawadi village that can be seen by visitors from afar - with wonderful peaks floating on the sea that can be reached by boats that are run by citizens who work at transporting visitors to these islands in a short period of time.

Al Sawadi Beach has gained fame among visitors from both within and outside the Sultanate, especially in times of summer holidays or national occasions, as the place is crowded with citizens and residents who come to enjoy the softness of sand, calmness of waves and the beauty of the scenery of the seven islands.

Abdullah bin Ali Al Khudori, a resident of Al Sawadi village said, “I run a private business on these islands where I spend my day with friends waiting for visitors to take them to the islands to enjoy their time there.

“I work at sea but I am not a fisherman. I am a guide for visitors to the seven islands where I tell them about the islands and explain to them about the wildlife here, including the migratory birds that land here.”

Al Khudori added,” The villagers in Al Sawadi work primarily in fishing. I know of fishermen who spend the night in the sea, and then comes back loaded with fish, like narrow-barred Spanish mackerel, Yellowfin Tuna, and Longtail Tuna. The coast of Al Sawadi is rich in these varieties, as in the rest of the coasts of the Sultanate, and that Al Sawadi is a suitable place for breeding turtles.”

“Boaters that take visitors to the islands have never witnessed any accidents over the years because boaters are well aware of the capacity of passengers of their boats,” he adds.

These days there is a lot of interest in visiting Al Sawadi Beach because the mild weather encourages photographers to enjoy the vistas, and tourists to enjoy its sandy beaches and the peaceful islands.

Visitors find instruction signs to guide them to the village and its beautiful islands.
source: Times of Oman
Credit:Oman Pocket Guide


Al Sawadi and its islands


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