This small museum is quite interesting and I found it one of the best places to visit in Muscat Oman to learn more about the city. It’s about the history of Muscat from 750 million years ago to today.

I started by learning about tectonic plates and how the Omani Mountains around Muscat were formed. These mountains are such a big part of the city that I enjoyed reading about them.

There’s a history of Oman with a lot of it being told through maps which I also liked. I love looking at old maps! There are also lots of questions (where you guess the answers and are given explanations). There are enough interactive parts of this museum that I think even little kids would like it. However, it did say on the brochure I was given that kids under 4 are not welcome! I think they may have meant free as it did seem like it had been built for kids too and no one minded baby J.

There’s also a boat, folk arts and outfits and general information about the area. It’s a great introduction to Muscat and Oman.

This was my favourite museum in Muscat. However, I do have one complaint which I am mainly writing in the hope that someone sees this that acan do something about it! The museum was quite dark – so dark in places that it was not possible to read the information on the exhibits. Please add more lights!




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