Fanja Souq


Fanja Souq,

For people who have a love for traditional market places known as ‘souqs’ where one is able to buy traditional things which were once part of the culture and civilisation are such as pottery, frankincense and the like, Fanja Souq is a haven of a vast collection of antiques, and other objects that satiate one’s hunger for history.
Situated in Wilayat of Bidbid, some less than 30 kilometres off Muscat, Fanja is a historical town known for its hot springs, watchtowers and forts and its aesthetic beauty for a yearning visitor. Above all, this traditional city of Fanja boasts of an eventful past and the episodes of the past are seen on each item kept in these shops inside the Souq.
Credit: Oman Pocket Guide


Fanja Souq


Unnamed Road, Fanja, فنجا، Oman

Visit for :
Pottery, Frankincense

Features :

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