Misfat Al Abriyen


At 1000 meters, the village of Misfat Al Abriyen in Oman is a miraculously lush mountain oasis surrounded by a parched and forbidding barren land. The village pops from the landscape thanks to its ingenious agricultural terraces, no doubt built up over centuries of labor and patience where bananas, papayas, citrus trees, and of course date palm trees are grown. It’s all thanks to the remarkable network of man made canals, or falaj, which have been delivering the precious life giving and sustaining water from ancient mountain springs to the village and farmlands since at least 500 AD. The systems of falaj are fittingly inscribed into the UNESCO recognized heritage list.
Credit:‎Mandy Beasley Chase


Misfat Al Abriyen


Misfat al Abriyyin، Oman

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