Muttrah corniche


Corniche stretches for about three kilometers along the harbour.

You can find pristine gardens and fountains along this stretch. At the northern end of the Cornish there is a fish market and the dhow harbour, where the dhows anchor to unload the catches of the day.

One of the oldest and most iconic locations in Muscat, the Muttrah Corniche has retained its old-world charm while still moving forward with the times. Walking along the Corniche, as you feel the sea breeze waft across you and inhale the sharp, salty smells of the ocean, it isn’t uncommon to see both those who live in the country as well as tourists flock to Muttrah Souq. If you’re looking for a taste of Oman, one that encompasses both the old and the new, then the Muttrah Souq is probably the best place to start.


Muttrah corniche


Muscat, Oman

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