Omani-French Museum


This museum is located in the city of Muscat near Al Alam Palace in Muttrah State. An old house built about 170 years ago accommodates the museum.

Sultan Faisal bin Turki donated the house to the first Consul of France in Muscat to be the French Consulate in 1896.

In addition to the Hall of Maritime Navigation, the museum rooms include models of Omani and French ships, a traditional costume hall and many other artefacts and pictures that reflect the cultural connection between the two countries.

The white building, which was essentially a palace, was initially established as a present by the Sultan Assayed / Faisal bin Turki to the French Consul in Muscat in 1896. On January 29, 1992, Sultan Qaboos bin Said and the late French President François Mitterrand established a museum in the palace to preserve the historical Omani-French relations. The museum has a substantial collection of items to this effect including photographs of the early French diplomats, historical documents, Omani - French ships, Omani and French costumes and jewellery and furniture

With galleries detailing relations between the two countries, this museum provides an interesting snapshot of mostly 19th-century colonial life in Muscat.


Omani-French Museum


Muscat, Oman

Features :
Sunday-Thursday:8 AM - 1:30 PM
Saturday: 9 AM - 1:00 PM

Omanis : 500 Baiza
Non Omanis : 1 OMR

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