Trekking and rock climbing


Rock climbing enthusiasts of all levels will find plenty to keep them busy as routes of all grades are available. Rugged mountains, steep cliffs overlooking breathtaking sceneries, rouged paths, deep canyons and towering cliffs present an enigmatic challenge. The rocky towers of Wadi Ghool, scales to a height of 300 meters and the gorgeous façade of Jabal Mishfat has climbs from 120 to 500 meters. Jabal Misht remains the model location due to its rocky façade that extends roughly for 6 km and rises to 850 m. The book "Rock Climbing in Oman" suggest some of the best climbs in Oman. From intimidating deserts to rugged mountains, serene beaches and tranquil wadis; Oman's landscape offers some exciting opportunities for adventure. Avid trekkers will enjoy the walks through trails over mountains and into canyons, some which have running water all the year round. At the village of Mazara you will find rocky tracks fording the wadi, crystal clear pools of water ideal for a swim. You can hike 13 km into the canyon clear through the other side. Heading out of Mazara on the track to the coast will take you to unusual limestone formations and a track that leads to another scenic area of Wadis Arbien and Suwaih. Both of these Wadis have running water with spots ideal for picnicking and swimming. If you enjoy narrow slot canyons with sheer faces and crystalline pools of water, Wadi Shab, Snake Canyon and Wadi Hajir have just what you are looking for. The book "Adventure Trekking in Oman" covers a number of suitable routes. Oman Tourism Portal will soon make some trekking maps available online.


Trekking and rock climbing


Jabal Misht، Oman

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